Low Annual Mileage Auto Insurance Discount

Some auto insurance companies offer a low annual mileage auto insurance discount, if you do not put a lot of miles on your car. What happens if you put more mileage on my car than you reported to your auto insurance company? Can they charge you more money for not driving low miles you reported, or not pay a claim? Here is what you need to know about the low annual mileage discount, how to get it, and the consequences of misreporting annual mileage. Continue reading

An auto insurance shopping strategy that really does save you $100s a year

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how important it is, when shopping for insurance, to speak with more than a few companies with familiar brand names, if you really want to save money and choose the best coverage. There are many fine companies you may not know, some sold through independent insurance agents, that could have the best price and coverage for you. Some auto insurance companies charge some drivers twice as much as other companies with the same coverage. You have to shop to find the companies with low rates for you. But the insurance companies with low rates for you will change over time. Insurance company rules & rates are always changing, and your risk profile (length of your insurance history, driving record, age, etc.) changes over time, too. This blog post will tell you what you can do, to make sure you never overpay for your auto insurance. Continue reading

The Biggest Home Insurance Discount is Knowing How to Use Your Homeowners Insurance

Before you consider shopping for the best home insurance, and knowing the homeowners insurance discounts to save money, let me tell you the best way to use and think about your homeowners insurance to avoid problems and keep your rates low. Continue reading

Multi Car Discount & Auto Insurance

Do you insure all your cars with the same insurance company? You should consider it, if you want the best price on auto insurance. Continue reading

Auto Insurance Policy Discounts: Anti Theft Devices, Vehicle Recovery Systems, & Car Alarms

When you are shopping to find the best auto insurance rates, you want to give the insurance company all the important information about you and your car, so you can get all the discounts for which you qualify, and the insurance company quotes you the lowest price they can offer you for the coverage you request. Here are some tips to make sure you get the discounts you deserve. Continue reading