Kemper Unitrin Insurance Reviews: Complaint Ratings for Auto & Homeowners Insurance

How is the customer service and claims handling at Kemper Insurance Company (Unitrin Property & Casualty Insurance Group)? How good is Kemper / Unitrin‘s auto insurance & homeowners insurance? This blog entry helps you answer these important questions and decide if Kemper / Unitrin Insurance Company is best for you!

Be sure to use the information in this Kemper / Unitrin auto and homeowners insurance review and the ad below this paragraph (or the ad at the end of this review) to request price quotes from multiple insurance companies, and find the best auto or home insurance company for you.

Auto insurance or home insurance customers do not have a lot of objective information available to them to evaluate how well their insurance company will provide customer service & handle claims. Unfortunately, paying more for auto & home insurance does not mean better service or a fair claims settlement, so the price you pay is not an indication of whether you will have a problem with your insurance and feel ripped off.

There are plenty of individual stories on the Internet of problems with claims or service for every insurance company. But reading a lot of complaints on the Internet does not inform you if the majority of customers are happy with the insurance company, since they don’t write about it on the Internet.

Even a website full of complaint stories are anecdotal and not statistically significant. You need to look at large numbers to really spot a trend in poor service.

However, number scores may not be simple and easy for people to interpret, even though I explain them on my website.

So, I am doing a series of blog posts giving letter grades based on the complaint ratios, to make it as easy as possible to find the best auto & home insurance companies and avoid the worst insurance companies.

Here are my letter grades:

Note: After a few years of reviewing complaint statistics, I’ve changed my rating system to a better than average, average, and worse than average rating scale, which I think is more useful & fair in assessing an insurance company’s complaint record. A small difference in the number of complaints can make an “A” company go to a “C” company from year to year, so I think my old rating system is not helpful for understanding a positive or negative trend in complaints for a company. Please click here to see my new 2011, 2010, 2009 (2012 coming in Aug 2013) Kemper Unitrin complaint ratings.

A+ = Insurance companies with complaints 25% or less than the average insurance company.

A = Insurance companies with complaints 50% or less than the average insurance company.

B = Insurance companies with complaints 90% or less than the average insurance company.

C = Insurance companies with complaints from 90% to 110% of the average insurance company.

D = Insurance companies with complaints from 110% to 200% of the average insurance company.

F = Insurance companies with complaints over 200% of the average insurance company. Over twice as much as average!

Consider these grades, along with price and other factors (as listed on my website), when choosing an auto insurance company.

Kemper / Unitrin has several subsidiary homeowners insurance and auto insurance companies. Make sure you know the correct name of the Kemper / Unitrin Insurance subsidiary company quoting or insuring you, to check the proper complaint grade.

Kemper / Unitrin Insurance Company’s 2010 Complaint Ratings for Auto Insurance

Update 5/21/2013: I have posted the latest Kemper Unitrin complaint ratings for 2011, 2010, & 2009 (2012 will be available Aug 2013) which you can see here.

Alpha Property & Casualty Insurance Company = D

Charter Indemnity Company = A

Financial Indemnity Company = D-

Kemper Independence Insurance Company = B

Merastar Insurance Company = D

National Merit Insurance Company = B

Response Indemnity Company of California = A+

Response Worldwide Direct Auto Insurance Company = A+

Response Insurance Company = D

Response Worldwide Insurance Company = D-

Trinity Universal Insurance Company = A-

Unitrin Casualty Insurance Company of America = A+

Unitrin Advantage Insurance Company = A+

Unitrin Auto & Home Insurance Company = D

Unitrin County Mutual Insurance Company = A

Unitrin Direct Insurance Company = F

Unitrin Direct Property & Casualty Company = F

Unitrin Preferred Insurance Company = C+

Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Company = C

Valley Property & Casualty Insurance Company = D

Valley Insurance Company = A+

Warner Insurance Company = F

Kemper / Unitrin Insurance Company’s Complaint Ratings for Homeowners Insurance

Kemper Independence Insurance Company = A+

Merastar Insurance Company = A+

Mutual Savings Fire Insurance Company = F

National Merit Insurance Company = A+

Old Reliable Casualty Company = F

Trinity Universal Insurance Company = A

Unitrin Casualty Insurance Company of America = F

Unitrin Auto & Home Insurance Company = C-

Unitrin Direct Insurance Company = A+

Unitrin Direct Property & Casualty Company = F

Unitrin Preferred Insurance Company = A+

Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Company = A+

Valley Property & Casualty Insurance Company = F

Valley Insurance Company = A+

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