Northwestern Mutual Review: JD Power Life Insurance Customer Satisfaction Ratings

This review will analyze the JD Power ratings & numerical scores for Northwestern Mutual in the annual JD Power life insurance customer satisfaction studies for 2014 & 2015, to see if its JD Power ratings truly reflect the quality of the claims & customer service for the company and how Northwestern Mutual compares to major competitors, like State Farm, Prudential, and Metlife.

MetLife Term Life Insurance Rates Review

Metlife is one of the largest providers of individual life insurance policies in the USA. But does Metlife have low term life insurance rates compared to competing life insurance companies?

This review will examine the competitiveness of Metlife term life insurance rates against other life insurance companies, so people looking for a good term life insurance policy will know when to consider choosing Metlife. This review will also discuss the best way to buy term life insurance from Metlife, and why some independent life insurance agents may be reluctant to quote Metlife because of lower commissions. Continue reading

Primerica Life Insurance & Term Rates Review 2014

Has a friend or acquaintance talked to you about Primerica? Has someone representing Primerica offered to meet with you for a financial needs analysis? Has anyone tried to recruit you to join Primerica? Primerica, a multi-level marketing company, once a part of Travelers/Citigroup, became its own independent public company in 2010, and its stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. If you have never heard of Primerica, there are pretty good odds eventually someone you know will become a Primerica representative, and will want to meet with you to help you with life insurance and investments. This review will discuss Primerica, examine the competitiveness of Primerica’s term life insurance rates against other life insurance companies, and explain why it’s probably best for you to avoid Primerica and its representatives. Continue reading