Dairyland / Viking / Peak Insurance Review: Auto Insurance Complaint Record & Ratings

Dairyland, Viking, and Peak, all owned by Sentry Insurance, are nonstandard auto insurance companies for drivers without insurance, tickets or accidents, license suspensions, recently licensed, and other factors making them ineligible for standard auto insurance with most companies. It’s easy to find a lot of bad reviews for Dairyland, Viking, or Peak insurance on the Internet, like you can find for all insurance companies. Unfortunately, complaints written by customers are hard to tell if the complaints are legitimate. This review has complaint ratings for the Dairyland, Viking, and Peak insurance companies compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, from statistics gathered by each state’s insurance department. I think these statistics are more reliable and relevant for evaluating an insurance company’s customer service than personal accounts. Plus, you can see how these companies’ complaint records compare to the average complaint record for the auto insurance industry.

Because Dairyland, Viking, & Peak insure high risk drivers, their customers are more likely to cause automobile accidents. I also provide in this article contact phone numbers for customer service, claims reporting, & fraud reporting, which can be used by both Dairyland policy holders, and other people involved in accidents with Dairyland customers. Continue reading