Best & Worst Alabama Auto Insurance Companies

This is my first blog entry in my new series of rating each state’s 5 best auto insurance companies — and their 5 worst auto insurance companies — based on complaints filed against each company in the state.

Is your home or auto insurance company better or worse than average? I review all the leading auto & home insurance companies in the USA, using each company’s customer survey results from recent JD Power insurance studies, as well as each company’s complaint record, to determine if a company is performing better than average, average, or worse than average, for customer service, claims, & price. How is your insurance company rated? Is its coverage competitively priced? Does it have a higher than average number of customer complaints? Find out by reading the reviews on my home page by clicking

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Unfortunately, not every state’s insurance department provides complaint ratios — Alabama happens to be one of them.

A state’s department of insurance website is usually a good place to find out consumer information about insurance & insurance companies. Alabama’s site is not too helpful with specific information for Alabama consumers.

Here is the Consumer’s Guide to Auto Insurance from Alabama’s Department of Insurance Web site. The guide information is good for the basics, but it describes insurance coverage generically for all states, rather than what applies in Alabama. For example, it describes no-fault laws, but it does not tell you about Alabama’s no fault laws, or if Alabama is a no fault state.

Don’t worry — when you shop, have your agent or insurance company representative explain your options for auto insurance coverage in Alabama.

Since I cannot rank Alabama auto insurance companies by complaint ratio, I am listing the top 10 largest auto insurance companies in Alabama by market share, and ranking them by their JD Power rating: Among the best; Better than most; About average; The rest.

If you want to decrease the chance of having a problem with your insurance company, go with the highest rated auto insurance company — even if it costs more. The good news is the best auto insurance companies often have very good rates — you can go with a better insurance company and save money.

If you are like me, the best insurance company for you has the lowest price — I can put up with mediocre service if it means saving money.

Before you switch to a new insurance company, always get the quote in writing, so you can see the coverage, and you have documentation of the price you were quoted, in case there is a problem when the policy is issued. The quote they send you will have the full name of the insurance company on it. Or simply ask your agent or insurance company representative for the proper name of the insurance company.

Two of the “about average” companies sell directly — Progressive & Geico, so remember if you have a problem, you have to deal with a call center, and you do not have an agent to provide personal service. You will have to be your own agent. A good agent can make insuring with a mediocre insurance company a good experience for you.

Here is the list. Remember to shop with as many companies as possible, so you can find the best rates, service, & coverage for you.

Among the best

1. USAA — Unfortunately, USAA sells auto insurance only to active military members, their families, and honorably discharged veterans.

Better than most

2. State Farm

About average

3. Geico

4. Alfa Insurance

5. Progressive

6. Allstate

7. Farmers

8. Liberty Mutual

9. Travelers

The rest

10. Nationwide

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