Texas Home Insurance Reviews: Complaint Ratings for 40 Big Companies

Does your homeowners insurance company have a large amount of customer complaints? Will you have problems placing a claim, or have a valid claim delayed or denied? Do you really know if your company is good or bad? Most consumers fail to check the complaint records of their insurance companies. This blog post provides complaint information for the 40 largest (by Texas market share) home insurance companies, covering over 92% of the Texas home insurance market, and rates them based on their 2010 complaint record (2011 complaint records are not available yet). Learn about the best & worst companies.

Is your home or auto insurance company better or worse than average? I review all the leading auto & home insurance companies in the USA, using each company’s customer survey results from recent JD Power insurance studies, as well as each company’s complaint record, to determine if a company is performing better than average, average, or worse than average, for customer service, claims, & price. How is your insurance company rated? Is its coverage competitively priced? Does it have a higher than average number of customer complaints? Find out by reading the reviews on my home page by clicking smartshopyourcarinsurance.com.

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The Texas Department of Insurance website is the source of my information about market share. I provide the national complaint index for each homeowners insurance company from my Home & Auto Insurance Company Reviews, but many of the insurance companies are subsidiary insurance companies doing business mainly in Texas, so the national complaint rating may be considered a good proxy, for the number of valid complaints submitted against the company, by Texas consumers. You can find out more about the source of the national complaint information I use on my website.

I devised a letter grade system, using the national complaint ratios for the home insurance companies listed, to make it easy to tell an insurance company with a great or good complaint record, from an insurance company with a poor or average complaint record.

Check out my website home page for more complaint ratios, and JD Power customer satisfaction ratings, for homeowners insurance companies (or to find complaint information regarding auto insurance) not on this list.

Here is my grading system. I also list the national complaint ratio (the lower the number the better the complaint record).

A+ = Insurance companies with complaints 25% or less than the average insurance company.

A = Insurance companies with complaints 50% or less than the average insurance company.

B = Insurance companies with complaints 90% or less than the average insurance company.

C = Insurance companies with complaints from 90% to 110% of the average insurance company.

D = Insurance companies with complaints from 110% to 200% of the average insurance company.

F = Insurance companies with complaints over 200% of the average insurance company. More than twice as much as average!

Consider these grades, along with price and other factors (as listed on my website), when choosing an home insurance company.

Insurance companies frequently have several subsidiary homeowners insurance companies. Make sure you know the correct name of the insurance subsidiary quoting or insuring you, to check the proper complaint grade.

The 40 largest Home Insurance Companies Rated by their 2010 National Complaint Records (listed in order, from biggest to smallest, by Texas market share)

1. State Farm Lloyds = A+ (.14)

2. Allstate Texas Lloyds = A+ (.19)

3. Texas Farmers Insurance Company = A+(.18)

4. United Services Automobile Association = A (.28) (USAA sells only to the military, their immediate family members, and honorably discharged veterans).

5. USAA Texas Lloyd’s Company = A+ (No complaints in 2010) (USAA sells only to the military, their immediate family members, and honorably discharged veterans).

6. Farmers Insurance Exchange = C- (1.07)

7. Allstate Fire & Casualty Insurance Company = B (.65)

8. Travelers Lloyd’s of Texas Insurance Company = A (.45)

9. Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company = C+ (.90)

10. Safeco Insurance Company of Indiana = A+ (.17)

11. Chubb Lloyd’s Insurance Company of Texas = A+ (No complaints in 2010)

12. Fire Insurance Exchange = B (.62) (Part of Farmers Insurance Group)

13. ASI Lloyds = A (.42)

14. Foremost Lloyd’s of Texas = A (.42)

15. Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters= A (.34)

16. Travelers Home & Marine Insurance Company = C- (1.10)

17. Nationwide Lloyds = B (.67)

18. Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company = A+ (.13)

19. Amica Lloyd’s of Texas = A+ (.14)

20. Texas Fair Plan Association = A+ (No complaints for 2010)

21. National Lloyd’s Insurance Company = D (1.32)

22. Auto Club Indemnity Company = A+ (No complaints in 2010)

23. Liberty Lloyd’s of Texas Insurance Company = A+ (No complaints for 2010)

24. Republic Lloyds = B (.58)

25. Metropolitan Lloyd’s Insurance Company of Texas = B (.77)

26. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company = A- (.49)

27. Property & Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford = D (1.30) (Part of The Hartford Insurance Group)

28. Sentinel Insurance Company, LTD = C (.98) (Part of The Hartford Insurance Group)

29. National Specialty Insurance Company = A+ (No complaints in 2010)

30. Liberty Insurance Corporation= B+ (.54)

31. Universal North America Insurance Company = A+ (.22)

32. Homeowners of America Insurance Company = A (.28)

33. Wellington Insurance Company = A+ (No complaints in 2010)

34. Cypress Texas Lloyds = A+ (No complaints in 2010)

35. Central Mutual Insurance Company = A (.44)

36. State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Company = B (.60)

37. Safeco Lloyd’s Insurance Company = A (.35)

38. NGM Insurance Company = B (.75)

39. Chartis Property Casualty Company= A+ (.12) (Part of AIG)

40. Southern Insurance Company= A (.39)

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