Coverage F: Medical Payments to Others

Medical Payments to Others coverage, as a part of homeowners  insurance, condo insurance, mobile home insurance, & renters insurance, pays for the necessary medical expenses of people, other than you and your household members, if they are injured on your property, regardless of whether you are legally responsible for the injury.

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For example, a friend helping you prepare dinner in your kitchen accidentally cuts their hand while slicing vegetables, or your dog bites the neighbor.

Homeowners insurance companies vary with how much they offer for Medical Payment to Others coverage, but you may be allowed as little as $500 per person, or up to $25,000 per person or more, for this coverage. Shop for the homeowners insurance policy with the best coverage for you.

I am most concerned with my legal liability if someone is injured, which is covered by Coverage E: Personal Liability coverage, so I don’t take more than the basic Medical Payments to Others coverage.

If you or your children entertain a lot, you may want more than the basic coverage.

If someone visiting you is injured on your property, Medical Payments to Others coverage is a great way to get their medical bills for the injury paid, because you do not have to be at-fault for the injury, for your homeowners insurance to cover it.

Everyone knows how expensive medical treatment can be. An insurance company offering up to $25,000 per person, or more, for this coverage may be the best insurance company for you.

Like with all insurance coverage, exclusions apply.

For example, if someone is over your home in relation to a business pursuit, like a business client meets you at your home for a business dinner, or a co-worker dropping off paperwork at your home, or a vendor fixing your home computer you use for work, Medical Payments to Others coverage does not apply if any of these people are unintentionally injured while on your property.

Contact your insurance agent or insurance company to review all your insurance policy limitations and exclusions with you. Knowing what is not covered by your insurance policy is as important as knowing what is covered.

Do you need Medical Payments to Others coverage? Although this coverage can be beneficial to you — and the insurance company, since paying claims under this coverage tend to reduce lawsuits for bodily injury — it is not necessary, in keeping with the idea the purpose of buying insurance is to protect you from catastrophic financial losses.

If you are legally liable for an injury to a non-resident guest, you are protected by your Personal Liability coverage. If you did not have Medical Payments to Others coverage, you would not have any financial obligation to pay for the first aid & medical bills of a guest whom cuts themselves while chopping onions in your kitchen, unless you were somehow negligent, or they file a lawsuit.

However, Medical Payments to Others coverage is automatically included in homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, & mobile home insurance, and I am not aware of any insurance companies allowing you to remove it to save money.

If you are like me — rarely have guests in your home, and don’t own a pet — you may wish to take the minimum amount, usually $500 or $1,000, to save money on your insurance premium.

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