California Auto Insurance Company Reviews: Best & Worst Complaint Records

Here are the 12 auto insurance companies with the best California complaint records in 2010, and the 12 auto insurance companies with the worst California complaint records in 2010.

Is your home or auto insurance company better or worse than average? I review all the leading auto & home insurance companies in the USA, using each company’s customer survey results from recent JD Power insurance studies, as well as each company’s complaint record, to determine if a company is performing better than average, average, or worse than average, for customer service, claims, & price. How is your insurance company rated? Is its coverage competitively priced? Does it have a higher than average number of customer complaints? Find out by reading the reviews on my home page by clicking

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The car insurance companies with the best records all have a complaint index in California (number of complaints, adjusted for market share) of less than half the complaint index of the average car insurance company.

The auto insurance companies with the worst records have a complaint index in California twice as much or more than the average company.

All of these companies are among the 50 largest (by number of customers) auto insurance companies in California.

If you are insured with any of the auto insurance companies with the worst records, you should shop your auto insurance with all the leading insurance companies. You will most likely be able to get better service AND a much better price!

The California Department of Insurance website is the source of my information about complaint records. This website has a lot of useful information for California residents, so I encourage you to check it out. The site includes price comparisons between auto insurance companies, but you really can’t know which auto insurance company can save you a lot of money on car insurance unless you shop for price quotes yourself.

Here are my lists. I will start with the worst list, and then show you the best list.

Insurance companies frequently have several subsidiary auto insurance companies. Make sure you know the correct name of the insurance subsidiary quoting or insuring you, to check the proper complaint grade.

California Auto Insurance Companies with the Worst 2010 California Complaint Records

QBE Insurance Corporation

Victoria Fire & Casualty Company

Permanent General Assurance Corporation

Financial Indemnity Company

Nationwide Insurance company of America

Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company

Commerce West Insurance Company

21st Century Premier Insurance Company

Loya Casualty Insurance Company

Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin

Explorer Insurance Company

Alliance United Insurance Company


California Auto Insurance Companies with the Best 2010 California Complaint Records

Allied Property & Casualty Insurance Company (Nationwide Insurance Group)

California Automobile Insurance Company

Wawanesa General Insurance Company

Auto Club (Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club)

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Mercury Casualty Company

Mercury Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Geico General Insurance Company

Standard Fire Insurance Company

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

Government Employees Insurance Company (Geico)

Now you know the auto insurance companies with the best & worst 2010 California complaint records, go and shop your car insurance. You can get better rates AND better service!

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