Alliance United Insurance Company Review: Complaints, AM Best, JD Power, & Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings

Alliance United Insurance Company is a rapidly growing auto insurer in the state of California, and is one of the top five providers of nonstandard auto insurance in the Golden State. More Californians are choosing Alliance United Insurance Company to insure their cars, but how good of a car insurance company is Alliance United Insurance Company? Does it have a lot of customer complaints? How does it compare to competing home & auto insurance companies? This blog post will review Alliance United Insurance Company, it’s JD Power, AM Best, Demotech, BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings, and its auto insurance customer complaint record over the last three years. There can be a big difference in the cost & coverage offered by different insurance companies, and being a well-known company does not mean being the best. The wise insurance buyer shops the market with all the major companies for the right combination of coverage, acceptable claims & customer service, and a good price. This blog post will help you decide if Alliance United Insurance Company might be a good choice for you. I’ll also show you how the complaint record for Alliance United Insurance Company compares with its competitors, like GEICO and Progressive, to help you comparison shop & find the best car insurance company for you. Continue reading

American Access Casualty Company Review: Auto Insurance Complaint Record, JD Power, AM Best & BBB Ratings

American Access Casualty Company is a rapidly growing nonstandard auto insurance company insuring vehicles in the states of Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada and Texas. Nonstandard auto insurance is designed for inexperienced drivers, drivers without insurance, drivers with tickets or accidents, license suspensions, people recently licensed, foreign licenses, unlicensed car owners and other factors making them ineligible for standard auto insurance with other auto insurance companies.

American Access Casualty Company recently decided to withdraw from the AM Best rating program (AM Best is the leading company rating insurance companies for financial strength and ability to pay claims) after AM Best downgraded the issuer credit rating (ICR) to “bb” from “bb+” and affirmed the financial strength rating (FSR) of B (Fair) for American Access Casualty Company.

If you are insured with American Access Casualty Company, it’s likely you pay a lot for your auto insurance coverage and you need to know if American Access Casualty Company can and will pay your claim if you have one. This review will discuss any JD Power ratings, Better Business Bureau ratings, and its most recent AM Best ratings, evaluate how competitive the rates are for American Access Casualty Company auto insurance by looking at recent gains or losses in its market share, and compare the most recent three-year auto insurance customer complaint record for American Access Casualty Company with major competitors like Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, and Progressive, to help consumers to decide if American Access Casualty Company auto insurance is a good choice for them.

Does American Access Casualty Company have the money to pay your claim? Does American Access Casualty Company have a below average, average, or above average number of customer complaints? My review summary at the end (Section #5), will rate the auto insurance customer service & claims handling by American Access Casualty Company, based on its 2012-2014 complaint record. Continue reading

Allstate Insurance Review: AM Best Financial Strength Ratings & Auto / Homeowners Complaint Records 2009-2014

Allstate is the second largest insurer of autos & homes in the USA, so anyone buying car or homeowners insurance should consider getting a price quote from Allstate, to see if this company best meets their insurance needs at a reasonable price.

A measure of quality for an auto or home insurance company is the number of upheld complaints filed against it with a state’s insurance regulatory authority, adjusted for the company’s market share. This review will show you if Allstate has a better than average, average, or below average complaint record for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014. I’ll review the AM Best Financial Strength Rating (FSR) for the Allstate insurance subsidiaries insuring cars & homes, too. Continue reading

American National Insurance Review: JD Power Ratings, AM Best Financial Strength Ratings, & Complaint Record

American National Property & Casualty Insurance Company is a national auto & home insurance company selling coverage through local American National insurance agents, and is available in most states (Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New York do not seem to be among them). This American National Insurance review will include the financial strength ratings, customer satisfaction ratings in the JD Power home & auto insurance studies, and the home & auto insurance complaints over the last six years, and lets you know if American National has a better than average, average, or worse than average complaint record. Continue reading

MetLife Term Life Insurance Rates Review

Metlife is one of the largest providers of individual life insurance policies in the USA. But does Metlife have low term life insurance rates compared to competing life insurance companies?

This review will examine the competitiveness of Metlife term life insurance rates against other life insurance companies, so people looking for a good term life insurance policy will know when to consider choosing Metlife. This review will also discuss the best way to buy term life insurance from Metlife, and why some independent life insurance agents may be reluctant to quote Metlife because of lower commissions. Continue reading

Globe Life Insurance Review: JD Power, BBB, AM Best Ratings & Customer Complaints Review

Can $1 really buy you $100,000 of life insurance coverage through Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company? Are the low life insurance rates advertised by Globe Life too good to be true? Is Globe Life a legitimate, financially sound insurance company, or some type of Ponzi ripoff scheme? Is Globe Life a good insurance company compared to other life insurance companies? This review will answer these questions and provide you with important information, so you can decide if Globe Life is a good choice for you. Continue reading