Answer Financial ( online auto insurance quotes review

Auto insurance buyers may be aware Allstate purchased an online auto insurance company called Esurance a few years ago. What people may not know, is the previous parent company for Esurance, White Mountains Insurance Group, also owned an online insurance agency, Answer Financial, authorized to represent multiple insurance companies as an agent or broker, which was also included in the sale of Esurance to Allstate insurance. is one of the few places on the Web showing you the prices for different auto insurance companies online on their site, once you complete submitting your information for the quote, instead of selling your personal information to insurance companies and agents, to e-mail or call you with auto insurance quotes. How accurate are the auto insurance rates quoted by Answer Financial? Can you rely on Answer Financial to compare the best auto insurance companies for you? Should you buy auto insurance from Answer Financial? This review will tell you about how Answer Financial quotes auto insurance, and assesses the usefulness of to the online auto insurance shopper. Continue reading is now selling insurance: auto, home, & business policies, the online retailer, has established its own insurance agency, and now you can request auto, home, & small business insurance quotes through its website, and purchase policies through the same shopping cart customers use to make other purchases. Can you really get online insurance quotes from multiple companies from, and buy a policy from the website? Is it a good way for people to purchase insurance, or does offer better prices than other insurance companies or insurance agencies? I tested the “insurance” tab at the website to get insurance quotes, as well as researched how is providing insurance, and I’ll tell you the advantages, and significant disadvantages, of using to insure your cars and/or home. Continue reading

Walmart is selling auto insurance online?

There have been many articles this week reporting about Walmart selling auto insurance online. The article headlines about this story have often been misleading. Walmart, known for its ultra low prices, is not forming its own auto insurance company to sell car insurance at low, market-beating prices. Walmart is teaming with an online insurance agency,, to promote an auto insurance price comparison tool to compare the rates of several companies. Is this auto insurance price comparison service useful? Will it really save people money as advertised? I’ll tell you about how this new service works, and as a former auto insurance industry insider, I’ll tell you why I think you shouldn’t rely on it to find the best rates or auto insurance company for you. Continue reading