Gun Friendly Insurance Companies?

Is it true some insurance companies decline, cancel, or non-renew home insurance policies based on an applicant’s ownership or use of guns? One major home insurance company in Florida currently does use gun ownership to determine eligibility for its property insurance policies. Which home insurance companies are better for firearm owners? This blog post will explain what gun owners need to know about how insurance companies use information about you and your guns, to determine your eligibility for their home insurance policies. Continue reading

State Farm Life Insurance & Term Rates Review 2014

State Farm is the largest insurer of autos & homes in the USA by far, with lots of local State Farm agent offices in almost every community across the nation. In fact, there are TWO State Farm agent offices within a mile of my home, and over a dozen State Farm offices within 10 miles of me. State Farm is a well-known household name when it comes to insurance. But is State Farm a good choice for life insurance? State Farm may be a good choice for auto & home insurance, but as this review will show you, State Farm’s rates for life insurance are expensive, compared to other highly rated major life insurance companies. There are other drawbacks to using a State Farm agent for your life insurance. An independent insurance agent or agency, representing many life insurance companies, specializing in life insurance, is usually a better choice to find the best life insurance for your needs. The review below will explain why I think this is the case. Continue reading

Does your job or education increase your auto insurance rates?

A consumer advocacy group, New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), announced its recent analysis shows some of New York State‚Äôs largest auto insurers are charging higher premiums to motorists who have less education and non-professional, non-managerial jobs. Four major auto insurance companies were examined: GEICO, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive. Although the analysis is of auto insurance rates in the state of New York, many states allow a customer’s education and occupation as rating factors. This blog post will discuss the results of the NYPIRG analysis for each company, and tell you what you need to know to find the best auto insurance rates for you, no matter your occupation or level of education. Continue reading

US Home Insurance Companies Rated & Ranked for 2014 Property Claims Satisfaction

JD Power home insurance customer satisfaction & property claims satisfaction studies are great tools for insurance shoppers to measure an insurance company’s claims & customer service, but people make the mistake of trusting the power circle ratings in these studies too much. You may think all four of five power circle rated companies are much better than average-scoring companies with lower power circle ratings. However, when you look at the numerical scores these companies received, many are actually not much better, or much worse than average. Some companies do outperform others, while some companies rated as average, scored far below average. Today’s blog post reviews the raw scores and ratings for the eighteen insurance companies included in the 2014 JD Power Property Claims Satisfaction Study for homeowners insurance, released earlier this year. I’ll show you the companies really performing much better or worse than average, so you can avoid the worst companies, and not pay more for a company, with the false expectation of proper service, based only on its power circle rating or brand name. Continue reading