Is GEICO auto insurance anti-gun? How to choose a company not against your gun rights

Many GEICO auto & home insurance customers are canceling their GEICO policies over the latest Internet buzz about GEICO being against gun owners and the gun industry. This negative publicity arose when a cancellation letter was posted online, for an auto insurance customer being canceled by GEICO, because their vehicle is used in conjunction with a company that deals in the weapons industry. This letter has led some people to believe GEICO will cancel their personal auto insurance policies, if they transport guns or work in an occupation related to the weapons industry. Some people are upset, and switching to different car insurance companies, because they see the cancellation letter circulating on the Web, as proof GEICO is taking a side in the ongoing national gun debate, showing it is anti-gun, and does not support your second amendment right to own a gun. This cancellation letter may show GEICO is prejudicial against the weapons industry, but many people are misinterpreting the meaning of the cancellation letter, and how their GEICO auto insurance will be affected if they are a gun owner, transporting guns in their car, or work in the fire arms industry. This blog post will explain the real implications of the cancellation letter, and how to choose an insurance company not opposed to your second amendment rights. Continue reading

Improve Your Auto Insurance Credit Score & Lower Your Rates This Year!

Improving your auto insurance credit score, and doing other things to lower your car insurance rates, is a new year’s resolution putting money back in your pocket! If it’s been another year, and you are still paying too much for auto insurance, you need to act now and put time on your side, because what you do today can help you get a better insurance credit score and much lower rates in the future. This blog post will tell you what you need to do Continue reading

Auto & Home Insurance Companies: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

Everyone wants a good price on auto & home insurance. But people also want to avoid the bad insurance companies that deny claims all the time. An affordable price for your car insurance and homeowners insurance is important, but you also want to choose a company that pays claims and does not hassle you.

Some people believe all insurance companies want to sell insurance, but none want to pay claims. Other people think some insurance companies are honest and pay claims, and other companies are dishonest and weasel out of paying legitimate claims. Some people think bad insurance companies automatically deny any claims over a certain dollar amount.

Many car & home insurance buyers have misconceptions about insurance companies, leading them to make mistakes they regret when they have a claim. This blog post will tell you about these misconceptions and mistakes, how to avoid them, and how to make better decisions when choosing your insurance company and coverage. Continue reading