Car Insurance Claims: Company Ratings for Auto Claim Satisfaction in 2012

If you follow my advice, by getting price quotes from all the leading auto & home insurance companies each year, to make sure you pay reasonable rates, and get additional opinions on your coverage, you will see some companies charge more than double the amount other companies charge. This is how you can save hundreds of dollars by shopping your insurance. But some people have a reluctance to change to companies with substantially lower rates, thinking you get what you pay for. The good news is, unlike a lot of products, where you get better quality by paying more, you don’t get better service by paying more for insurance. My blog post today will discuss the JD Power 2012 US auto claims satisfaction ratings for all the major car insurance companies, and tell you what you need to know to find a company with acceptable claims satisfaction, and low rates for you. Continue reading

What is the Best Car Insurance Company in the Mid-Atlantic States? Find out here!

Here’s my analysis of the last of seven regional 2012 JD Power auto insurance customer satisfaction studies, surveying customers for the leading auto insurance companies in the Mid-Atlantic & Southern states of Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & West Virginia. What is the best car insurance company in this region? You need to know more about the JD Power study results, than the companies with the highest power circle ratings, to choose the best company for you.

One company, with the highest rating of 5 power circles, scored a lot higher than other companies with the same 5 power circle rating. Some of the lowest rated (2 power circles) companies actually scored close to average. You should not make an assumption to choose or not to choose an auto insurance company solely on its overall customer satisfaction power circle rating from this study. Continue reading

What is the best car insurance company in the Northeast USA? Find out here!

Here’s my summary of the most recent 2012 JD Power US Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Study for the Northeast region, reviewing the best & worst rated auto insurance companies in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. If you do not reside in one of these states, see my recent blog posts reviewing the other five of the seven 2012 JD Power regional auto insurance studies for California, West, Central, Southeast, and North Central states. If you live in one of the Mid-Atlantic states, you will have to wait until later in the week for my review of that seventh and last region. What company really is the best car insurance company? Don’t choose your insurance company solely on the JD Power circle rating. As you will find out from this summary of the raw scores for the companies included in this survey, some highly rated companies did not score much above average. Don’t make the mistake of paying a lot more for your auto insurance, expecting better service based on a good JD Power rating, only to receive average service at a higher cost. If you want low rates & great service, spend some time getting price quotes from all the major auto insurance companies in your state, then use my website, and this summary of the JD Power ratings, to get the right combination of price, coverage, and service for you. Continue reading