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Here are my summary and conclusions about the 2012 JD Power north central region auto insurance customer satisfaction study, surveying car insurance customers insured with the major companies in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. As is the case with the other regional studies, some of the companies rated among the best, or better than most, did not score much above the study average. Also, some of the companies receiving JD Power’s lowest rating, 2 power circles (the rest), are not much below the average score for the study. My analysis will help you tell the difference between the companies truly performing well, the companies performing about average, and any companies performing poorly, based on the numerical scores from the north central study. I will also discuss strengths and weaknesses for each company, in the factors considered by the study, such as Pricing, Policy Offerings, Billing & Payment, and Contacting the Insurance Company. Continue reading

JD Power 2012 Auto Insurance Southeast Region Study: Summary & Conclusions

Today, I’m writing about the JD Power 2012 auto insurance customer satisfaction study for the Southeast region of the USA, including the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Tennessee. More so than the other regional studies I have reviewed, I think the power circle ratings in the Southeast regional study are very misleading, with some top rated, 5 power circle (among the best) rated companies, scoring only a few points above the average score, and not many points above companies rated at 3 power circles (about average) for overall customer satisfaction. I’ll analyze the scores and ratings, and let you know my opinion why a company may be a good choice for you, and if I think the study results indicate truly better or worse customer satisfaction. Continue reading

JD Power 2012 Auto Insurance US Central Region Study: Summary & Conclusions

Here is my summary and conclusions analyzing the results for the JD Power central region auto insurance customer satisfaction study, covering the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.

The JD Power overall customer satisfaction power circle rating can be misleading, with 5 or 4 power circle rated companies not scoring significantly better than the average 3 power circle rated company. Also, some companies receiving the lowest rating, 2 power circles, did not score much lower than average.

My analysis will help you know the companies that really did outperform in the survey. But more importantly, let you know the highly rated companies not scoring much above average to be worth paying more, and the lower rated companies, with close to average customer satisfaction, which may be fine for you if they have a great price for you. Continue reading