Insurance Check Up Step 3

Each day this week, I am walking you through my steps to a successful insurance check up, which may save you $100s on insurance. Step one is go to my Web site and learn what you need to know about insurance coverage to save you money, & avoid headaches when you have a claim. Step Two is knowing what to expect during your insurance policy review. Continue reading

Insurance Check Up Step 2

Yesterday, I explained the importance or an annual insurance check up, and showed you the first step: use my Web site to understand & decide on the auto insurance & home insurance coverage you need. Continue reading

An annual insurance check up may save you $100s!

Insurance sucks. It’s expensive. It’s boring. You pay for it, but you hope you never have to use it. Using your insurance premium to light your cigar, seems more fun & useful than giving it to your insurance company, when you never have a claim. Continue reading

Stopping Automatic Payment Plans For Insurance

Automatic payment plans to pay auto (or boat, renters, motorcycle, etc.) insurance, such as EFT (electronic funds transfer) from a bank account, or payroll deductions, can be convenient for customers, and help them save money. But automatic payment plans can be tricky, when stopping the plans, because you have changed banks or employers, or you wish to cancel the insurance policy. Unexpected deductions from paychecks or bank accounts is a common complaint among insurance company customers, and can be avoided, once you know how these plans work, and the proper way to stop them. Continue reading

Why You Should Keep Your Auto Insurance After You Sell Your Car.

Yesterday, I blogged about how to avoid problems canceling your auto insurance when you’ve sold your car. But canceling your auto insurance when you no longer have a car, may be a bad idea for you, if you are going to own another car in the next year. Continue reading

Cancelling Auto Insurance When You Sold Your Car(s)

This blog post explains how to cancel your auto insurance on a car you’ve sold and how to avoid being responsible for an auto accident after you’ve sold the car. Unexpectedly owing money on a canceled insurance policy is a common situation leading people to feel they have been ripped off by their insurance company. Here is what you need to know to avoid unexpected bills on canceled insurance, which may damage your credit score, and how to avoid one common insurance mistake that often leads to much higher auto insurance rates. Continue reading

Biggest Insurance Mistake: Choose Your Coverage Carefully When Buying Insurance

Have you been ripped off by insurance? Many people think insurance is a rip off. After all, you pay a lot of money for something you hope you will never use. Many homeowners pay their whole life for homeowners insurance, and never have a claim. However, these homeowners did not pay for nothing, because they had the protection provided by their homeowners insurance, even though it turned out they never had to use it. Continue reading

How long can your child stay on your auto insurance?

People have a lot of questions about their kids & auto insurance, and the questions go beyond the usual concern of “How much will my teenager increase my car insurance premium?” In Your Child & Your Car Insurance, I blogged about the important things you need to consider when having a licensed child living with you — how to add them to your policy, the issues of ownership when buying them a car to drive, and how to save money & avoid problems. Although I think I was complete in explaining all the important issues of adding & insuring your child driver, I did not answer the important questions of how long your child can stay on your auto insurance, and when you need to remove your child from your car insurance. I’ll address these concerns in this blog post. Continue reading

Hit a Deer? Will Your Auto Insurance Go Up? Here Is What You Need to Know

Usually, when you damage your car by hitting something, and file a claim for the damage to your car, your auto insurance rates will be surcharged. Surcharges for at-fault accidents (and single-car accidents are always considered your fault) range from 30% to 40%, but you also may lose good driving discounts, making the new cost of your car insurance very expensive. However, there is one circumstance where hitting something accidentally with your car will avoid an increase in your auto insurance premium. When you hit an animal, such as a deer (or any other animal than a human being), you are covered by Comprehensive coverage, if you have Comprehensive coverage on your car, and if the damage to your car is more than your deductible, instead of Collision coverage. I’ll tell you what you need to know about this important coverage, how it works, and why you don’t need full coverage to have it, in this blog post. Continue reading

When Does Car Insurance Go Down?

Does your auto insurance go down when you turn 21 years old? Do you pay a lower car insurance rate when you become 25 years old? Does the price for auto insurance go down when you get married? Do auto insurance rates keep going down your whole life, as long as you keep a good driving record? I’ll tell you what you need to know, so you can make sure you get the lower auto insurance rates you deserve. Continue reading

How Much Is Car Insurance? Learn The Secret to REALLY Saving $100s!

One type of question I see asked over and over again on the Internet is similar to this: “How much is auto insurance for an 18 year old with a 2003 Ford Mustang?” Or, another variation of this type of question is, “I’m a 24 year-old female in Phoenix, AZ, and I pay $800 every 6 months for full coverage on 2008 Honda Accord. Am I paying too much?” Continue reading

Auto Insurance Policy Discounts: Anti Theft Devices, Vehicle Recovery Systems, & Car Alarms

When you are shopping to find the best auto insurance rates, you want to give the insurance company all the important information about you and your car, so you can get all the discounts for which you qualify, and the insurance company quotes you the lowest price they can offer you for the coverage you request. Here are some tips to make sure you get the discounts you deserve. Continue reading

AM Best Ratings — What do they really tell you?

When you shop around for home, life, or auto insurance quotes, insurance agents or company representatives often tell you their insurance company’s AM Best rating, to convince you it is a good insurance company. But what is the AM Best rating, and what does it really tell you about an insurance company? Should you use it to pick a better company, by choosing a company with a higher AM Best rating? This blog post will tell you what you need to know! Continue reading

Alaska Auto Insurance Companies Ranked By Complaints

Most consumers fail to check the complaint records of their insurance companies. I am blogging about each state’s complaint information to rank auto & home insurance companies, when available. Today, we are looking at auto insurance companies offering coverage in Alaska.The 8 auto insurance companies appearing in this blog represent 94.7% of the Alaskan auto insurance market in 2009, and they are ranked from best to worst, by their complaint records. The complaint information is also from 2009, the latest year of data available on Alaska’s Division of Insurance Web site. I’m always blogging to help you get the best policies and prices for auto, home, & life insurance, so bookmark or place my website in your favorites! Continue reading

Paying for car insurance: automatic payment plans

Is it okay to have automatic payments withdrawn from your bank account to pay your auto insurance? That depends on how you handle your finances. Whether your car insurance company calls it an easy pay plan(ez pay), a recurring monthly payment option, automated funds transfer, electronic funds transfer, or simply automatic payments, if you need to pay your auto insurance monthly, a great way to save money, & avoid the bother of writing checks & mailing bills,  is to choose your auto insurance company’s automatic payment plan. Continue reading

Car insurance Payment Plans: Down Payments, Installments, & Flexible Pay Plans

My previous blog post discussed the big auto insurance discount & price savings you get for paying your car insurance in full. However, many people cannot afford to pay their auto insurance all at once. Here are some tips on how to shop and save money on auto insurance by comparing payment plans, & how you can avoid or reduce installment fees. Continue reading

How to pay for car insurance: big discount for paying in full

Do you want cheap car insurance? When you shop for low auto insurance rates, how you will pay, and the payment plan you choose, will decide which auto insurance company has the best rate for you. If you want the lowest rate, pay your auto insurance in full, whether you have a 6 month policy or a year policy. I know car insurance can be expensive, but if you can plan ahead and save, the savings for paying in full can be worth it. Continue reading

2011 JD Power National Home Insurance Study: The Best & The Rest

My last blog post discussed the winners & losers from the JD Power national 2011 auto insurance study, which is great timing, because JD Power released its 2011 national homeowners insurance study a few days ago. So with this blog post, I can review JD Power’s latest homeowners insurance rankings. Continue reading