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I used to sell car insurance & home insurance for many years, and I know you really CAN save hundreds of dollars by shopping your auto & homeowners insurance with all the major insurance companies. But many people don't shop, or don't check the rates of enough insurance companies, and end up paying TOO MUCH for insurance. I developed this website to show people the information they need to find all the leading insurance companies, choose a good insurance company, & save lots of money. Scroll down to see all my insurance company reviews. Are you not convinced it is worth your time to shop? Please read these .

Why should you read my reviews? I use my knowledge & experience from my many years working at insurance companies & agencies, to analyze information from recent JD Power insurance company claims & customer satisfaction studies, and customer complaint statistics gathered by state agencies, to rate insurance companies.

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When is the best time to shop your auto & home insurance? The best time is always now, because people tend to procrastinate. But if you want to shop your insurance each year, a month before your policy renews, or after an accident, ticket, or claim becomes a year older, is a great time to shop. So you don't forget to shop, use my free insurance shopping reminder service and email me the date you wish to be reminded to shop. Your email address will be used only by me, to remind you to shop for better insurance rates. People often over-pay for their insurance, because they go without checking with other insurance companies for years. Don't let high rates happen to you. Some insurance companies are better or worse than others, but the price they charge does not prove their quality. You can find & choose a good company AND get a good price.    



21st Century Insurance  |  Alfa Insurance  |  Allstate Insurance  |  American Family Insurance  | Ameriprise Insurance 


Amica Insurance  |  American National P&C Insurance  |  Auto Club Insurance  | Auto Club of Southern California   


Auto-Owners Insurance  |  California State Auto Association  |  Chubb Insurance  |  Cincinnati Insurance   


Commerce Insurance  | Country Insurance  |  Encompass InsuranceErie InsuranceEsuranceFarmers Insurance


Firemans Fund Insurance  |  Foremost Insurance  |  Geico Insurance  |  The General  |  GMAC Insurance  


Grange Insurance  |  Hanover Insurance  |  Hartford Insurance  |  Homesite Insurance  |   Infinity Insurance 


Kemper InsuranceLiberty Mutual | Mercury Insurance  |  Metlife Insurance  |  Nationwide Insurance 


New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance | Progressive Insurance  |  Safeco Insurance  |  Shelter Insurance 

State Auto Insurance  |  State Farm Insurance  |  Travelers Insurance  |  Unitrin Insurance  |  USAA Insurance 


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Find out more about how I use JD Power study results & complaint data for my insurance company ratings here.